Meet Pastor Terry Hennesy

Pastor Terry image


Terry is a native of Iowa, growing up in Des Moines where he lived until age 5 when his family moved to Seattle. But 5 years later, he was back in Des Moines where he spent the rest of his childhood. He was a history major in college and later received a Master of Divinity from Dubuque Theological Seminary. He has served congregations throughout the Heartland in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois – in a country setting, a small town, the edge of the inner city and in suburbia. He loves the changing seasons that come with living in the Midwest.

Terry has been married to his wonderful wife, Colleen, for 37 years. Together they have three children, along with nine grandchildren! Colleen holds a Bachelor degree in Social Work from Luther College and has been working with the elderly and disabled and in children’s advocacy positions for the past 20 years.

In his spare time, Terry likes reading historical biographies and attending Blues festivals (though he loves music of all kinds). He also enjoys coffee from a warm mug, playing guitar (primarily for his own amusement!), the occasional bike ride and owns a kayak that needs more time on the water! Terry loves travelling to both new and familiar places. Other interests include watching baseball live and football on TV, visiting art museums, movies of all kinds and studying the impact of Christianity on culture and history.

On his vision for ministry:

“I believe worship is central for and essential to the unique witness of Christianity. I still get excited about Christmas and Easter. I have come to know that relationships are more important than doctrine.  Prayer works even when it seems like it doesn’t; laughter is cleansing and redemptive; babies are cute even when they cry during baptism and the adage ‘dance like no one is watching’ is good advice.”

On being Presbyterian:

“I love being a Presbyterian, even with all the frustrations that come with it! Our process works and being connected is especially essential in this day and age. I have been involved with the Committee on Ministry and Committee on Preparation for Ministry in all three Presbyteries where I have served. I served as Dean of the Synod School in the Synod of Lakes and Prairies as well as being the Vice-Moderator and Moderator of the Synod.”

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