A note from Pastor Terry

Members and Friends of Linn Presbyterian Church.

I have been so blessed and it has been such a privilege to serve as your Pastor for nearly seven years. You welcomed Colleen and I, along with our extended family, and you showed us love, offered us fellowship and walked alongside us as we journeyed in faith together.

It is now my heart’s desire to retire from nearly forty years of ordained ministry, not the least of which has been my time here at Linn.

I have contacted the Board of Pensions and have consulted with Milwaukee Presbytery leadership and would like to conclude my time in active ministry at the end of June of this year. July 1st will be designated as the beginning of retirement.

While being a pastor is a calling I have cherished, after serving six congregations over four decades, and in particular this past year, has me at a place where there is now a need for much needed rest and restoration.

Linn Church has been great place to be and this is such a strong and vital congregation that I have much confidence in your future.

Colleen and I will continue to live in Walworth as she is still a very busy Social Worker for TMG/Wisconsin. She is NOT ready to retire!

The Presbytery will help us with a Covenant of Closure and will be actively involved in the transitional times that lie ahead.  

Between now and June, there is much to do and much to celebrate and I look forward to these upcoming months of ministry together. Please always keep me in your prayers, as I will keep you in mine.

Thank you for sharing the calling to serve Christ with me. It has been my honor.

Keeping the Faith,

Pastor Terry.

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