Linn Church’s CoVid-19 Response

Beloved friends and families of Linn Presbyterian Church! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Because of the ongoing and growing concerns about the CoVid-19 virus, we would like you to know a few things about our plans going forward here at LPC.

Milwaukee Presbytery is recommending that churches cancel services for this weekend and in solidarity with their counsel, we will NOT be gathering for worship at Linn Church this Sunday. This is for the safety and health of the at-risk persons in our families and community. We will keep you appraised and informed as we move forward with future plans – we expect to be back together in worship SOON!

Here is what we know we WILL do:

We WILL pray for each other, the world, the at-risk populations, world leaders, health care workers, and travelers. We will pray with patience and understanding. We will pray with sensitivity for each other and with compassion for those who are at risk. We will pray in gratitude for our good fortune in health care and economy.

We WILL try to post links, lessons, prayers and updates as we continue our Lenten journey toward Easter.

We WILL send out a link for on-line giving. Remember, this can be easily done on a one-time basis, or for a temporary period of time and does not have to be for an entire year.

Keep in mind: this is not about politics and it’s not about how you or I are ‘feeling’ right now. It’s about protecting the most vulnerable in our community. Social distancing is a proven way to slow the spread of ANY virus. IF we act now, we return to normal sooner. We are being cautious and wise, not reactionary. It’s time for prayerful planning, not a time for panic.

Please do let us know if you need someone to call you or if you know of someone in need. During this time when we have limited physical contact, we WILL continue to find ways to be the loving embrace of God to each other and our neighbors through prayer, social media and phone calls.

Please check your emails, our website and our Facebook page: for updates.  If you want, take a moment and forward the Facebook and website link to others.


Stay healthy. Stay connected. And always KEEP THE FAITH! We love the Lord and we love Linn Church.

–Pastor Terry and staff of Linn Church.

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